What can be said after SUCH a great weekend, full of Who madness and joy.........

Just, and simply: THANK YOU!

Thank you so much Dino for all your help and all the efforts you made to make this convention the success it was! Without you, it wouldn't have been possible to do!

Thank you, Alex for all the great memorabilia you collected over all these years of Who fandom and thank you for allowing us to present all this to the other fans!

Thank you Fred, that you shared your biggest treasure with us: Pete's very own Gibson from 1970 - it definitely was one of the highlights of the convention!

Thank you to The Wholigans for an extraordinary, explosive, smashing show, noone who was privileged to experience will ever forget!

Thank you to the Schlachthof Crew, especially to 'rokka' Chris - without you and all your efforts, we couldn't have done it!

Thank you to Renee Thomsen for the gear - it simply was perfect!

Thank you to my wife Hilde and my wonderful daughters Celia and Nadia for your patience and understanding, that I wasn't there for you all over the last weeks. I promise, I'll make up for it!

Thank you to EVERY other helping hand!

Thank you to The Dutch Mob, for this wonderful present! The poster will be framed and get a very special place in my office!

Thank you to Ron, his wonderful wife Chris and his great son Keith, for taking all these great pictures and making the video and sound recordings!

Thank you to all of you who attended this convention. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! It was so great to meet you all - although there unfortunately wasn't enough time to talk to all of you as I actually would have wanted to!

Hope to see all of you again at The Shout's Convention in September in London!


Wholigans pics
exhibition pics
audience pics